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No-Prep Therapy Activity: “Find the Differences” Spring Picture
Mary Lowery, M.S., CCC-SLP
Have fun practicing articulation and language skills with this no-prep activity that is perfect for spring! Reference the pictures on page 4 of this handout to complete these activities.
Word Level: Find items in the scene containing the target sound (see pdf for word level list).
Phrase/Sentence Level:
Use the carrier phrases/sentences. Fill in the blank with words/pictures from the scenes (see pdf for phrase/sentence level list).
Describe the differences in the two scenes using good articulation.
Compare/Contrast: How are the following the same and different?
  • Slide and swing
  • Spring and fall
  • Balloon and kite
  • Soccer ball and basketball
  • Bird and butterfly
  • Tree and flower
  • Shirt and shorts
Categories: Name 3 of these...
  • Outside activities
  • Animals that fly
  • Plants
  • Types of playground equipment
  • Types of clothes for warm weather
  • Things that float
  • Seasons
WH Questions: Use the pictures to answer the questions (see pdf for pictures).
Singular nouns vs. plural nouns
  • Flower/Flowers
  • Tree/Trees
  • Boy/Boys
  • Girl/Girls
  • Bird/Birds
  • Kid/Kids
  • Shovel/Shovels
  • Rock/Rocks
  • Balloon/Balloons
  • Cloud/Clouds
  • Bush/Bushes
  • Butterfly/Butterflies
  • Child/Children
  • Leaf/Leaves
Verb Tenses - Regular Past Tense
  • Climb
  • Play
  • Smile
  • Float
  • Laugh
  • Kick
Verb Tenses - Irregular Past Tense
  • Run
  • Slide
  • Fly
  • Grow
  • Wear
  • Have
  • She has _____.
  • The _____ is/are hers.
  • He has _____.
  • The _____ is/are his.
Take at least 3 conversational turns with a partner to discuss what you like to do at a park or playground.
  • What season is it?
  • Why is the girl wearing shorts?
  • What is the weather like?
  • How do the kids feel at the playground?
  • What will the kids do if it starts to rain?
  • Identify the expected behaviors seen in the picture.
  • Explain 3 unexpected behaviors for the playground.

*Handy Handouts® are for classroom and personal use only.
Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

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