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No Prep Therapy Activity – Basic Concepts Scavenger Hunt
By Abby Sakovich, M.S., CCC-SLP
A scavenger hunt can be a great way to work on a variety of skills while passing time indoors or outdoors. Use this Basic Concepts Scavenger Hunt to address communication, social, or visual perceptual skills.
Number of Players
  • 1 or more
Materials Needed
  • Basic Concepts Scavenger Hunt page (one copy for each player or team)
  • pencils or crayons
  • Optional: laminate game board and use with dry erase markers
Object of the Game
Find objects or items that match the basic concepts pictured on the basic concepts game board on the next page.
  • Provide each player with a copy of the game found on the next page.
  • Each player finds an object or item that fits the basic concepts pictured in the squares.
    • Example: A player looking for something “open” could find an open kitchen drawer, a container with an open lid, or even a store or restaurant can be open!
  • Players color or cross off concepts as they find them

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