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No-Prep Therapy Activity: May Flowers
By Abby Sakovich, M.S., CCC-SLP
As a busy speech-language pathologist, you may feel as if you are constantly running short on time. When therapy, meetings, and paperwork seem to eat up all the time, who has time to plan? Use this no-prep spring activity to target language, articulation, or fluency goals! Incorporate it into a group activity to work on problem solving, compromising, and turn taking.
Number of Players
  • 2 or more
Materials Needed
  • Guess My May Flowers game page (one copy for each player or team)
  • Pencils or crayons
  • Bingo Chips (optional)
  • Laminate game pages and use dry erase markers during game play (optional)
Object of the Game
Guess your opponent’s flower scene by asking “yes” or “no” questions about its elements.
  • Provide each player with a copy of the game found on the next page.
  • Each player selects a scene that his/her opponent will be attempting to guess.
  • Begin by asking your opponent a “yes” or “no” question about his/her chosen scene:
    • Example: You might ask, “Does your picture have bugs?” If your opponent answers “yes,” eliminate all pictures that do not have bugs by crossing them out or covering them with a bingo chip. If your opponent answers “no,” cross out or cover all pictures with bugs.
  • Take turns asking questions to try to guess your opponent’s flower scene. When you feel confident you can guess your opponent’s flower scene, do so during your turn.
Tips for Game Play
  • It is helpful for the adult to record the number of the picture chosen for each player and keep the answer safe until the end of the game.
  • For groups of players larger than two:
    • Divide into teams of two.
    • Designate one player to answer questions and the remaining players to ask the questions. The player who guesses the picture correctly then becomes the player answering questions.
  • Use the visual cues found on the following page to help players struggling to identify, label, and describe attributes.

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