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Rebus Activities for Articulation
by Julie A. Daymut, M.A., CCC-SLP
Rebus activities use pictures or symbols to represent words or phrases. By substituting images for text, children have a fun activity to practice skills such as articulation (speech sound production). This is also a great activity for nonreaders, as they can participate in storytelling by naming each image as the story is read aloud. The stories can vary in length and in the difficulty level of vocabulary. In addition, you can make your own rebus stories using cut-out or online/computer images and lots of creativity!
Rebus Activities at Home
Use the following activities from “Say and Do”® Rebus for Articulation to help your children practice their speech sounds at home. Note: Be sure to check with their speech-language pathologist (SLP) before beginning any home speech practice.
  1. Read the story aloud, emphasizing the target words.
  2. Read the story and stop at the rebus words and let your child fill them in.
  3. If your child is a reader, let him/her read the story for you. Remember, only the target sound words should be monitored. There may be other story words that contain your child’s target sound but may not be the focus for that particular story.
  4. Go through the story and say just the rebus words.

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