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Let’s Wrap It Up!—Exciting Ways to End Speech/Language for the Year
By Thaashida L. Hutton, M.S., CCC-SLP
Fun activities are a great way to end the school year. Students are proud of what they accomplished in speech/language during the year, and by ending on a positive note, students look forward to returning to speech / language next year. Here are some fun ways to wrap up the year.
  • Personal Yearbook — Have students create a yearbook of completed activities and/or worksheets that they have accumulated during the year.
  • Summer Fun — Create a “Fun Packet” of activities that the students can do over summer to increase generalization and carryover.
  • Speech Graduation — Have a graduation for students moving on from speech: students can receive a “Speech Diploma” and/or “Speech Awards.”
  • Field Day — Have a field day where students rotate through stations and complete each activity as fast and accurately as they can.
  • Speech Certificate — Have students decorate their own “Speech Certificate.”
  • Around the World — Have students go around the school and tell teachers and staff three things they worked on in speech this year.
  • Show and Tell — Have students pick their favorite speech activity and explain the activity and how to complete it to classmates.
  • Handy Speech — Have students trace their hand and write five things inside the fingers that they remembered or liked a lot in speech.
  • Free Choice — Let students choose their favorite activity/game.
  • Bring a Friend Day — Let students choose a friend and bring him/her to speech.

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